You know you're a geek when...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

you finish your homework before 8:00 pm for the first time since school started a week ago and the first thing you do is jump up grinning and grab yarn and needles.

I've begun Mon Petit Chou. How happy am I?

So happy that I'll even post a crappy night-time picture, I guess. Supremely happy actually. As I said before, I've been wanting to make Mon Petit Chou since way before I was at the skill level to even attempt it. All I had time for was the picot edge but it is a beautiful picot edge, wouldn't you say?

I do have another project on the needles as well: the Hedera socks from Knitty in Knitpicks new Gloss sock yarn. I thought the pattern would show off the shiny bit-o-silk yarn well but the gauge is getting the best of me. I'm going to have my sister try them on this weekend to see if they'll fit her, otherwise they're off to the frog pond.

And I have to admit, in first week of school frustration, I did order more yarn. Just a bit. A couple balls of Essential in Navy Blue for my Mom's Christmas socks and some Merino Style in Moss for the Gatsby Girl Pullover from the Fall Interweave Knits (you have to scroll a little). So basically, I'm willing to splurge on yarn if it's cheap yarn. Knitpicks, you are oh so mediocre but I love you so.

Meanwhile, the Cascade Fixation is soft and squishy and not hard to knit at all... so far!

Gearing Up

Friday, August 18, 2006

Gettin' the gear. Well, the supplies anyway. I ordered my Cascade Fixation for Mon Petit Chou tonight finally. I've been wanting to knit this since I saw it over a year ago when it was still way beyond my skill level. I ended up ordering from Hello Knitty because they seemed to have the lowest price for Fixation on first glance. $4.50 a ball. Not bad! If it really only takes me two balls it'll be cheaper than the cute bra and panty sets I've been buying lately... I did get 3 balls of Pink Lemonade just in case and somehow a ball of Orchid ended up in my basket too. Not sure how that happened. Hehehe.

I've also been gearing down, in a way. I noticed this week that my Bloglines feed had gotten up to 71 blogs. 71! Can you believe that? There's no way I can keep up with 71 blogs once I start school next week! So I somehow pared it down to 37. Most are still Knit Blogs, of course, but there is a spattering of Med Student Blogs and Food Blogs along with maybe three or four random ones. I'd like to pare it down even more but I just don't see who else I could cut out. I love you all! Don't worry, if you regularly post on my blog you're still there. :)

That's all for now. I finished the baby sweater and seamed it up tonight. I'm so-so on it. I definitely lost track of my gauge a little after the first piece so it's a little funky. I also added some ribbing at the bottom and neck but it's still rolling, making my ribbing look ridiculous. I'll block tomorrow, take pictures, and see how it comes out. I'll even *gasp* POST the pictures!


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer has been busy around here. I've been knitting again! The wrist brace frankensteining really paid off. I've finished my Baudelaires, purchased yarn, and have a couple of projects lined up (which, unfortunately both still need yarn). Right now I'm working on my first baby sweater. It's so cute! More details and pictures of all these projects coming up. For now, I'll leave you with a (sort of) recent picture of my garden. We've been eating lots of goodies lately and never want this part of summer (the good veggies part) to end!