Another Sweater FO

Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally! It's blocking and awaiting buttons. I like the white buttons too but they are opaque and a little jarring in real life. I've been looking a little online but would like to use some from my button stash. I have a few translucent white buttons that look great but I don't have enough. Boo. There is one thrift store that seems to have a new jar of buttons every couple of weeks - I'm sure they cut them off of donated clothes that aren't in good enough shape to sell - so I will check there again maybe. It's been so humid and rainy here the last couple of days it will probably take forever to dry anyway!

Now I have no excuses to knit my possibly too tight Socks that Rock socks. They look great and are fun to knit but I've really been craving some easy, peasy stockinette projects lately and that they are not.

I'm also planning to start some Saartje's Booties. I have a handful of friends who are suddenly all due soon!

Buttons, buttons, buttons

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Please ignore the fact that I've been gone again for so long and help me pick out buttons for my sweater. :)

And yes, the sweater is currently chopped in half. I'm doing that cool lengthening trick you always read/ hear about but never see anyone do. I did it for one of the sleeves and it's so easy! Hopefully I'll have time to knit it the length I want and graft it back together tonight. Then I can pick up the button bands and bring it to knit night tomorrow.

But first, I need to decide on buttons. Help!