Sunday, January 30, 2005

ah yes, the knit blog. poor little neglected thing. i've pretty much decided that there is no point and too much stress trying to keep up two blogs. if you'd like to see my latest knitting projects or hear stories about work and cats and friends you can check out my live journal.

it's been fun, it's been real, but i just can't take it no more.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

it has been so busy lately! mainly with work but home and dealing with my son's school has taken a lot of time lately too. i have gotten quite a bit farther on my ribby cardi but after all the commotion at work i haven't really been in the mood to sit in front of my computer and post, put up pics, or anything. but i have a solution: post pics at work! only because i have some time after completing my entire "to do" list for the third day in a row.

so here are some updates:

earflap hat goes in the disaster pile. i figured out where i went wrong but i don't think i'll be attempting this one again until i learn the art of dpn's or maybe circulars. i accidently doubled the amount of room i would need for the front of the hat and it turned out GIGANTIC. it might be hard to tell in the picture but, trust me, it was waaay too huge. oh, who am i kidding, you can totally tell in the picture; but it's when having it on my head that you get the full effect. my son and i pulled it out and i'm now planning a 1x1 ribbed beanie to match my scarf instead.

gigantic earflap hat

the scarf it was meant to match

ribby cardi is going great! in the above picture you can see the two fronts but there is another picture below just because i'm so proud. i've now also completed the back and am almost halfway up both sleeves (knitting them together). my only concern is that the colors aren't going to look as great together as i thought. the blue is just so cool and the brown that i chose is very warm and dark. we'll see how they look when i'm done and if i don't like it, i guess i can always knit new sleeves.

ribby cardi fronts

i've also begrudgingly started another pair of fingerless gloves. i plan to breeze through the four pairs i owe and possibly never make them again. or at least not for a long time.

tonight: i knit! hopefully to finish my sleeves.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

i tried to make a pair of crocheted fingerless gloves with chunky yarn that i found on sale. i hate chunky yarn so i've chucked the idea and given the yarn to susie.

without that project i've, of course, started two more: 1) my red and brown earflap hat to match my checkered scarf and 2) my first ribby cardi.

first off, the earflap hat is being done on two straight needles because i don't have the right size dpn's, nor the money to buy any, nor the excitement needed to make a hat on dpn's at this point anyway. it's going surprisingly well though. i've used the general idea from a pattern i found on the internet and fashioned it after my current ear-flap hat that i love. we'll see how it works out.

the ribby cardi i ended up starting before i got my yarn from elann and that may end up being a good thing. the reason i started is because, well, because i got antsy, but also because i found the exact color i was looking for at the store last week. it's wool-ease seaspray and i'm going to make the sleeves chocolate in the same yarn. it's soft and not really scratchy at all unlike the peruvian wool that showed up from elann yesterday. that doesn't feel too nice through the hole that was in the top of the bag. i haven't actually taken it out of the bag yet just in case i decide to send it back - i'm not too thrilled about the colors i finally chose.

anyway, the only problem with the wool-ease is that it splits pretty badly but i've gotten used to it and it's knitting much nicer now. i've finished the left and right fronts of the cardi and it looks like it's going to fit perfect - close fitting but that's the way i like them. the decreases at the top confused me quite a bit but i think i've got it all figured out now. i was hoping to start the back tonight but it looks like that's not going to happen. too many damn phone calls in between filling out my FAFSA for the 05-06 school year.

i'll try to post some pictures tomorrow or friday. in order to do that i must smuggle home the digital camera from work. hehe.