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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving was really nice. We saw both sides of the family and stuffed ourselves with delicious food. Then on Friday we visited my 100-year-old Grandma Eleanor. The rest of the weekend has been spent buying groceries, cooking, doing some homework, and knitting.

I finally turned the heel on Kurt's second sock! Whew. These puppies are taking forever. But they aren't my #1 priority so it's okay.

My #1 priority this weekend has been Little Birds. I only have one more row of birds and vines and I will have completed the first sleeve up to the underarm. I hope to do that tonight and start the ribbing of the second sleeve. I've read the directions past that and, um, I'm a little confused as to how all these pieces come together for the final bit of knitting but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

One thing to note is that while my stranded knitting got a little neater and nicer while knitting the body, it's gone right back to crap on the sleeves. I just have a harder time keeping the tension even when working around on DPN's. Maybe I should have gotten some 16" circ's. I don't really like knitting with them but I bet my tension would be a little more even.

Lastly, the Socks that Rock for my grandma's socks hasn't come in the mail yet. They must be overwhelmed with Christmas shipping because usually their yarn comes super-fast. I did get an email the other day though and expect it soon now... which is good because time is ticking!

Birds and Socks

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Birds continues to fly by...

Last week, I had the idea that maybe I could finish it before Thanksgiving but today I realize how deluded that thought was. Two stranded sleeves in three days? Not going to happen. Oh well, I can definitely shoot for a Christmas finishing.

I've been taking Kurt's second sock around with me to appointments and such lately and have gotten about halfway down the leg. Speaking of legs... Kurt's is probably fractured but it's right along the growth plate and likely a very, very small fracture. Since it's the fibula, and most of a person's body weight rests on the tibia, he doesn't need a cast but just got one of those lovely giant boots. He even gave up the crutches already too which is really nice for both of us.

I also ordered some Socks that Rock in the Mochaberry colorway for my Grandma's Christmas Socks. It should be here tomorrow. She requested the Japanese Feather pattern last year and, since she likes ankle socks, they should go super-quick.

Talk at ya next week! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

I finished the gift socks already!

A pair of socks in a week is a definite personal best for me. I don't know how I ended up with so much knitting time this week but I'm glad I did because it means I can get back to knitting on my sweater.

First though, here is how much knitting I can get done during the three hour wait at the ER/ Urgent Care to find out that Kurt's ankle may or may not be broken.

*sigh* As much as I like to delude myself into thinking it isn't broken because he isn't in a lot of pain now that he has a splint on it... the enormity of his poor swollen foot is telling me differently. We will go in to an orthopedic doc on Monday to find out for sure.

I Have Birds

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Yay! I started the colorwork on Election Night and it's going quickly. I'm so excited about this sweater but a little nervous about sizing since, with the steek, I can't try it on as I go.

Also, unfortunately, my only US3 circs are the really long ones (36"?) so I'm going to have to switch to something else soon because I'm decreasing twice every round and it's getting pretty small pretty fast. Since my town doesn't have a real LYS with a vast array of needle sizes I ended up just getting another set of US3 DPNs and might switch to those. For some reason, Michael's and JoAnn's don't carry any circular needles smaller than a US6.

Oh, and I started a sock last night. I realized that I really need to get trucking on this pair as they're a gift and the deadline is coming up quick. Plus, I still have to knit my Grandma's annual Christmas socks. Eek! I'm quickly running out of time...

Busy, Busy

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Well, yesterday was my Mom's birthday party and she LOVED her stole. Absolutely LOVED it. She actually got up from the table in the middle of opening gifts and went around to every table to show it off. I don't have any pictures to post of her wearing though because my camera was acting up. I should have one later.

I got another chunk of ribbing done on my Little Birds sweater. I should get to the colorwork this week sometime, depending on how much time I get to knit. With Halloween on Friday and family stuff all day yesterday I didn't get any homework done so I'm pretty much chained to my desk today.

On Friday, I had a bunch of knitters over for a Halloween knitting party in honor of my friend Jenna being in town. We had so much fun and so much food! It was a great time!