Birds and Socks

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Birds continues to fly by...

Last week, I had the idea that maybe I could finish it before Thanksgiving but today I realize how deluded that thought was. Two stranded sleeves in three days? Not going to happen. Oh well, I can definitely shoot for a Christmas finishing.

I've been taking Kurt's second sock around with me to appointments and such lately and have gotten about halfway down the leg. Speaking of legs... Kurt's is probably fractured but it's right along the growth plate and likely a very, very small fracture. Since it's the fibula, and most of a person's body weight rests on the tibia, he doesn't need a cast but just got one of those lovely giant boots. He even gave up the crutches already too which is really nice for both of us.

I also ordered some Socks that Rock in the Mochaberry colorway for my Grandma's Christmas Socks. It should be here tomorrow. She requested the Japanese Feather pattern last year and, since she likes ankle socks, they should go super-quick.

Talk at ya next week! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


Gena said...

Oh no, Kurt! I'm glad it isn't too serious, and I hope it gets healed soon.

Love the birds. Sooo precious.

Happy Thanksgiving!

JennaKate said...

Good thing Kurt is still able to get around. It sounds like it could have been way worse. I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful sweater completed. Considering how thin the yarn is, you're really moving right along!

Hope you're well - thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

look at you go with the sock knitting! I can't wait to see how your Litte Birds turns out!

So far so good!

Beth (big geek)