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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving was really nice. We saw both sides of the family and stuffed ourselves with delicious food. Then on Friday we visited my 100-year-old Grandma Eleanor. The rest of the weekend has been spent buying groceries, cooking, doing some homework, and knitting.

I finally turned the heel on Kurt's second sock! Whew. These puppies are taking forever. But they aren't my #1 priority so it's okay.

My #1 priority this weekend has been Little Birds. I only have one more row of birds and vines and I will have completed the first sleeve up to the underarm. I hope to do that tonight and start the ribbing of the second sleeve. I've read the directions past that and, um, I'm a little confused as to how all these pieces come together for the final bit of knitting but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

One thing to note is that while my stranded knitting got a little neater and nicer while knitting the body, it's gone right back to crap on the sleeves. I just have a harder time keeping the tension even when working around on DPN's. Maybe I should have gotten some 16" circ's. I don't really like knitting with them but I bet my tension would be a little more even.

Lastly, the Socks that Rock for my grandma's socks hasn't come in the mail yet. They must be overwhelmed with Christmas shipping because usually their yarn comes super-fast. I did get an email the other day though and expect it soon now... which is good because time is ticking!


Imbrium said...

I made it through about a quarter of a sleeve on dpns before I switched to magic loop when I was knitting Donegal. Stranded colorwork on dpns is (for me) an absolute nightmare.