Thursday, December 04, 2008

The North Dakota Knitters Ravelry Group, of which I'm one of the founders and mods, is having a BlizzKAL. Basically, we are getting a hat project and various emergency goodies (candles, chocolate, tea) ready to work on when we have snow days or blizzards in the state. I want to knit my sister a pair of mittens and matching hat this year and I'm still having trouble deciding which to make. I tried having her make the choice but she was overwhelmed with all the wonderful patterns on Ravelry and ultimately decided I could just pick something. Here is what I'm thinking:

Vinterblomster mittens and I would use the little flowers to make a matching stranded hat. This pattern reminded me a little of her when I saw it.

Heather's Mittens which caught my eye because my sister LOVES green not because the pattern reminded me of her.

Kiehkuralapaset... again with the green. I'm not so sure she is a swirly girl though.

Fiddlehead Mittens. Not free but they do have the inner liner which would be helpful to learn how to do. Plus, I think the pattern might look really nice with a varigated background and solid fiddles. Or whatever it is they are.

My sister is kind of a hippy tomboy type, by which I mean she wears dresses and sandals all summer long but doesn't wear make-up or get all fancied up too often. She's beautiful in a simple way so I want mittens that reflect that.

So again, I will use the pattern from the mittens to make the matching hat which will be my official BlizzKAL pattern. What do you think?


JennaKate said...

I LOVE the fiddlehead mitts! But also, on a hippie note, may I suggest Lotus Mittens?

I think your sister is a swirly girl. Perhaps she was a whirling dervish in a previous life.

Anonymous said...

All of them are great,
Heather's Mitts are WAY mod though. Very That Girl. But I guess that isn't very hippy is it?

beth (big geek)