Finally Finals Week

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The title says it all I think. Whew. Even though I liked all of my classes this semester I am definitely welcoming the break. I have another sock to finish for my Grandma for Christmas. Here is the first one:

That's an anklet version of the Japanese Feather Socks. This is the third time I've used this pattern and I still love it! I had to adapt the stitch count and the pattern a little because the yarn is thinner than called for but it's working out great - except for a little mistake I made on the foot that I'm hoping nobody will notice...

I also decided on the Kiehkuralapaset Swirly Mittens for my sister but have yet to buy the yarn for them... which is too bad because we had one heck of a blizzard here this weekend and I didn't have an official BlizzKAL project to work on! So I worked on Little Birds and my Grandma's sock instead. Worked out well but I really need to get my sister's yarn ordered so I have it for the next storm. I'm thinking about Dalegarn Daletta in a light green and dark green... or light green and black. Any thoughts?

Oh, I've finished Kurt's socks since I last posted too but I don't have a picture yet. He wore them the other day when it was blizzarding and cold (-50 F windchills!) but I forgot to take a picture. Whoops.

Also pictureless is my Little Birds progress. Just imagine another sleeve about half done. I think I'm going to run out of Eesit (the cream color) and I've done nothing about it yet. I'll probably regret it very soon.

One last thing: my friend who I'm gifting the green Socks that Rock booties and socks to had her baby last night! I'm so excited to go see him but I still need to wrap the gifts. I think I'll go do that and then study for my last final, which is tomorrow morning, until I can go up and see her and the babe.


Gena said...

Blizzard?!? We got about a half inch of snow a couple of weeks ago. It was almost 50 today.

I hope finals go well!