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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When Gena, of Still in the Works, graciously sent me some buttons for my EB Cardigan she also included a pretty little card and one of those mini sock keychain kits. Kurt immediately decided that he should be the lucky recipient to the finished sock and I agreed.

Isn't it cute? And a quick little knit. I worked the gussets in the lab today when we were waiting for things to evaporate. (Today was a good day in the lab - we ran an NMR on our fractions and one had the desired product in it. Yay!)

Speaking of gifts, did I ever show you the adorable little knitting bag my friend Jenna got me during Spring Break? She went on one of those bus tours where they drove around the country and volunteered in different places. So cool. And she brought home this.

It's where I've been keeping all of my bootee stuff while I finished up the last couple pairs. I decided to hold off on the fifth pair because that person due date is so far from now. I don't want to jinx anything and frankly, the bootees are finally get a little old... but they are still adorable!

And difficult to take a picture of. If I did it from one angle the ones in the back got all washed out, from another angle and the black ones melded into one big blob.

So that's what I've been working on. I'm not sure what to start next. I would like to start a pair of socks but am not sure who they would be for and then I would like to try a Pirate hat but I don't have the yarn for it and am trying not to spend money. Hmm, I'll figure out something.


Gena said...

That bag is awesome! I want one! I made a few pair of baby booties for a friend about a year ago. They got old really fast. I only finish two pairs, so you've got me beat!

JennaKAte said...

The bag is from a sweet little street market in San Antonio. The colors reminded me of Katie's Essential Stripe Sweater.

The booties look ADORABLE! You've got a knack, yessiree. I saw that you started some new socks, too... Can't wait to see! Any pattern to them?