Done, done, and done

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yay! I finished the sweater, sewing on the buttons, on Saturday at our local Worldwide KIP Day. It was fun to hang out in the beautiful sunshine, meet knitters, and finish projects. I also finished two more pairs of baby bootees and a dishcloth. But on to the FO details of the day!

Pattern: Elizabeth Bennett Cabled Cardigan
Yarn: Cascade Cloud 9 in bright green (#115)
Needles: US 4, circulars, US 3, circulars (for button band)
Mods: I cut this beast in half and lengthened it because I have a super-long torso and I also lengthened the sleeves for my gorilla arms. Everything else was as the pattern was written.

And here is a close-up of the cables and the gorgeous buttons that Gena sent me. I love them! They are so delicate and perfect for the sweater. Thanks again, Gena! More FO pictures on my Ravelry.

I'm re-knitting the first pair of bootees because my perfectionist self can't leave the flubbed straps the way they are... and yesterday I found out ANOTHER friend of mine is expecting so there will be one more pair of bootees before I'm done. Pictures of all of them soon!


Gena said...

Woah! It looks fantastic! Like, my jaw dropped and everything. The color is great, and you got it the perfect length. I always have to lengthen things too, especially for my arms.

Anonymous said...

You did a fantastic job!

Well done!!!!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!

I'll stop now...
big geek beth

Marlena said...

Cute! I wasn't sold on that pattern when I got the book, but yours looks much more casual. Love it!