Shake that Bootee

Friday, June 06, 2008

The second pair of bootees is coming along much nicer than the first. After hemming and hawing and just plain not understanding the long-tail-cast-on-in-the-middle-of-the-row thing forever last night, when I got to it, it just clicked. I wish I could take back the whining I did in front of my fellow knitters. Sorry guys!

I put my little fold-up scissors in the pic for scale. I used Knitpicks Essential for this pair. Here is a close-up of the finishing on the little straps. Through Ravelry, I found this great tutorial for the finishing details.

On the first pair, I had just crocheted around one loop which ended up a little bulky and it got a little stretched out. In the tutorial, you do some neat little embroidery stitches around TWO loops, which makes it more sturdy and less likely to stretch and is much less bulky. I cannot get over how damn cute they are. I don't know if anything I've knit before has ever had this attention to detail... makes me feel like I'm making a teeny-tiny masterpiece.

I also realize what a pain in the ass it will probably be for the recipients to button these little suckers on tiny wiggly feet. Luckily they are newborn size so they will only fit for a very short time anyway... and, if they are anything like I was at that point, it will still be worth it to put really cute things on the babe. It's after a month or so when the sleep-deprivation really kicks in that I thought "to hell with it" and just started slapping on whatever was clean. Haha.


In other news, fellow blogger Gena virtually opened up her button collection to me and is sending me buttons for my Elizabeth Bennett Cardigan. Knitters are the best! Thanks again, Gena! Expect pictures soon.


kaitlyn said...

thanks so much for posting those button loops! now I can get my own two pairs finished :)