Summer Fun in the Sunshine

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Busy day! I started off painting the trim on the garage because I got a call saying not to go in to the lab until 2:00 pm (we're waiting for dry ice, which we need for this experiment). Then I realized what time it was and started rushing. Kurt and I ran to the store to get a gift for a friend's birthday party which he went to at 1:00 pm, some last minute things for tonight and then I ran back home to get ready for lab. Whew. I'll leave lab a little early to head down to a baseball game in Fargo tonight - a Stitch and Pitch! I'm very excited to hang out with other knitters and watch some local baseball. I started a new sock last night so I'll have something easy to work on in lieu of the Mystery Stole which I also started working on again this week.

If this entry seems rushed and chaotic it's because that's how today feels! I'll leave you with a pic of my strawberry bounty this morning. We forgot to pick for the last couple of days so today we had a huge* haul!

* Huge to us anyway because we only have about a dozen plants. Usually a handful a day for a couple weeks is all we get.