Monday, December 27, 2004

my grandmothers taught me to crochet when i was nine. one taught me the basics and the other taught me doilies and lace. other than some kick ass sexy pants i crocheted in my late teens (and no longer fit into) and a couple scarves a few years ago, i haven't really used this talent all that much. then, last winter, a friend of mine started crocheting like mad. i wanted to start again but couldn't find anything i *really* wanted to make. i just kept stumbling across knitting patterns and blogs that were really interesting. and i realized that the only thing keeping me from knitting was the fact that i never learned how. so i did. from an tutorial. i made a scarf and a sweater before i realized i was doing the stitches slightly wrong - knitting into the back of the stitch and purling from the left of the front stitch. due to the completely bass-ackwards nature of the stitches my knitting managed to look fine but once i realized it was wrong i had to re-learn. and now i knit correctly and can't seem to stop. i love knitting. and, i guess that's why i'm here.