Wednesday, February 02, 2005

kurt (my son) and i went to my dad's house on saturday to go sledding and see the horses (he has two, an older mare and a little filly). it's always fun to hang out there and my dad cooked for us and had some great snowhills in his yard. unfortunately i pulled a muscle in my back (too damn old for sledding) and, at one point, spooked the horses who broke the fence again and decided to go for a run. i do have to say though that they are really beautiful running in the snow and josie, the older mare, looks downright magnificent when jumping a fence.

i also taught my mom how to knit. well, the knit stitch anyway, no purling for her yet. she did 4-5 rows on a little swatch and actually got pretty good for awhile. then the sun went down and it was harder for her to see and she kept screwing up. i'm going to buy her some size 8 or 10 needles and better yarn and try again with her next time i see her. i think if she can learn it will give her a lot of pleasure and confidence to have this to do during the day instead of staring at the tv and the walls. plus, she will be able to make cool stuff. (long background story about my mom's recovery from a brain aneurysm that i don't feel like sharing at the moment. sorry.)

sunday was a laundry/knit/movie day. pretty standard for sundays around my house this winter. mulan almost made me cry, as always, and i finished my dad's scarf and started kurt's "jesse's flames" sweater from stitch and bitch nation.