LOST but busy

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Still watching LOST (on to Season 2) and now anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new laptop. I've had my current desktop computer for about six years and while it's not a hunk of junk just yet, I think a laptop will be much more convenient come homework time. Not only will I be able to sit around on the couch and type up papers and such but I'll actually be able to use my desk for spreading out books and notebooks and writing.

Quick little moral dilemna though: the other day I had the work laptop at home and I found a wireless network whilst sitting on my couch. I'm not really close to any businesses in town that provide wireless access so I'm assuming it's a neighbor's service. Do I use it? Do I inquire with my neighbors and let them know I can access their unsecured internet? Do I hope it's a business and just pretend that I'm clueless? Though already having copies of the second season of LOST sort of shows that I'm not clueless when it comes to computers. I've discovered the wonderful world of torrents and am almost caught up to the episodes they're showing on TV.

Oh, this is a knitting blog? Surprisingly there has been knitting. I've almost completed the orange socks FINALLY. I'm very excited to start some Baudelaire's with this gorgeous yarn I bought in Sioux Falls the other day. It's Wildfoote in the colorway Blue Blood Red. The internet gives it no justice. The depth of the color is amazing and it's so soft and sproingy. I'd also love to start Mon Petit Chou but neither of the yarn shops I went to on my trip this week (for work, to SD) had Cascade Fixation. I'll have to order online.

Boy, this entry is really spastic or something. I meant to just write about my laptop and the awesome yarn shop I went to in Sioux Falls, Athena Fibers. I also wanted to mention that I went to one other yarn shop on my trip that shall remain nameless because I was taught not to say anything if you don't have anything good to say. Athena Fibers though, you should go there if you're ever in Sioux Falls. The staff was fantastic, the yarn was gorgeous, and the house it was in was really neat.

I'll try to post some pictures next week after the hullaballo of my best friend's wedding this weekend. And I'll try to be more coherent then too. Have a great weekend!


JennaKate said...

have a great weekend, yourself! think calming thoughts...
congrats on the new yarn! :)

Anonymous said...

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