Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm still alive. This week has me holed up on the couch watching LOST every night, hence the title today. I'm only halfway through the first season and I know I'm hooked. Don't leave any spoilers in the comments! Is anyone else as eerily aware of how Stephen Kingish the whole series is? Only better because the acting is great and the budget is, seemingly, much larger than a Stephen King movie or TV shows would be?

I have been busy though. My best friend's wedding is coming up quick so there have been shopping expeditions and dress fittings and mother-in-law crises. A few weeks ago I painted my living room and crossed it off my list of things to do this summer. The curtains for Kurt's room still aren't done yet though... And there are no pictures of the living room because they're awfully fuzzy. Maybe another day.

There are a few pictures of a fibery adventure from a couple of weeks ago with my friend Jenna. Jenna was going to teach a Koolaid dying class but didn't end up with enough participants so we dyed yarn at my house. Thanks again for the yarn, Jenna! Here it is pre-fruitiness:

Kurt basting in blues...

Jenna hard at work with her purples and greens.

Me wringing my yarn in my new geek glasses.

And an arty picture of the finished skeins.

I'm very happy with the darkness of my black cherry red but I'm disappointed that it didn't completely saturate through. There are a few white spots within the red and I'm thinking of overdying it one of these days. *scoffs* Uh-huh, when I have time. The other color I used was easier to come up with than I thought but I didn't think to write down the flava's. Oh well, maybe it's the yarns destiny to be a little splotchy.

Jenna's green and purple and natural yarn is just lovely and I can't wait to see what it'll look like knit up! And Kurt's blues are really pretty too. I mean, manly and um, handsome! He'll have some bright-ass socks from that stuff. That is, if I'm ever able to knit socks again. I'm STILL working on the orange ones. A few rows every few days. The painting really flared up my wrist again and I've had much computering to do at work lately. I'm almost ready to just give in and go to the doctor but it seems very pointless since I don't have insurance or money for additional testing or surgery, if needed. I just need to continue resting the wrist and then not get to this point again.

Okay, long enough post for now. My garden is gigantic but no pictures today. I'm also not sure this is my return to "regular" blogging but I thought I'd check in. I'll continue to read and comment on your blogs though!

Time Out

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Some of you may have noticed my early summer break here. It started because I wasn't knitting much. My dad had given me a new lawn mower, a "real" one much louder, heavier, and stinkier than my beloved rotary mower. The mower worked fine but something about it caused some pretty bad wrist pain. I used it again this weekend, trying to be careful about how I moved my hand but the pain is back. Stupid wrists.

So that's what started the break from knitting, hence the break from my blog. Then last week my grandpa had another respiratory "event", as the doctors call it, and this time there were more complications and he passed away on Friday. He was ready and had prepared for the possibility in the previous weeks but it is still a difficult time for all of us.

Since I'm still not knitting much and not really in the knit-blogging mood you can expect another bout of silence here but hopefully I'll be back fairly soon. Kurt will be taking on the duty of mowing the front and very back lawns with the new mower and I'll take the middle once I sharpen the blades on the rotary. We'll both take time to remember grandpa and get back into the swing of our own lives and meet you back here in awhile.