Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yesterday just got too busy and by the time it calmed down it was too dark to take decent pictures. Let me start off by saying that I did start off knitting the argyle socks using intarsia like all of the internet tutorials told me too. However, since my self-designed pattern used smaller diamonds (and lots of them), it was a little crazy-making:

I'm sure it didn't help that I don't have real bobbins and the little bits of yarn kept sliding out of the cardboard slits and tumbling down onto my lap and subsequently got hopelessly tangled on almost every row. I did manage about 4-5 rows before realizing the intarsia was doomed. The last straw was seeing that my stitches were way too tight. I yanked it out and started over with just my original three balls of yarn, determined to learn this fair isle business. I'm happy to say that it worked:

Here's another picture that's a little less blurry but without the diamonds stretched out:

Knitting this brought me back to what knitting was like when I first started. I could hardly put it down! Now that the argyle part is done - I'm knitting the rest of the sock in just black - I wrapped it around my calf to see if it'll fit... I'm not too sure that it will. My floats must still be a little tight. But if it doesn't fit me, I'm sure I could find someone they will fit.

Now that I've conquered the technique, this sweater (which I'm hopelessly in love with) doesn't scare me so much. It's just the price of the yarn and the tiny gauge that scare me now.


Courtney said...

Yay! Three cheers for you!!! It is beeeeyoutiful! Good job for sticking with it even though it sounds like it sucked. You are now the queen of Fair Isle! And don't worry, I am sure they will fit you. And if not, maybe you could turn them into some sweet argyle wrist cuffs! Hehe, we should take a road trip to Argyle and take a picture next to the sign with them!

JennaKate said...

I am so, so, so jealous of your mad argyle skills. and I would have commented sooner, but the green-eyed monster had ahold of me. You are truly amazing and I am awed by your mad knitting skills. hooray for you!!!

gina said...

Nice work! I love argyle socks but I can never wear commercially-made ones because of my monster calves. Maybe I'll follow your lead and make some for myself. After I have the baby that is... the calves are even giant-er now. Ugh.