Ravelry and Bearfeet

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When the Ravelry wind started blowing, I can't say I was even interested. I didn't really understand what it was and it just seemed like too much work. I mean, if I can't even keep up with my blog, how am I going to find time to add content to a new knitting site? It just seemed like a knitting Myspace to me.

Well, I've been converted. Ravelry is the coolest! For those of you who haven't checked it out yet - or haven't received an invite - it lets you easily catalog your stash, all of your projects, your needles, and keep tabs on all of your online knitting buddies. But that's just the beginning, you can also search for projects with links to patterns, see what the most popular patterns are, search for a specific yarn and see what other people are making with it, find substitutes for yarn... it just seems freaking endless. It is easily the neatest site I've ever used. Very well put together and organized and jeez, it all just makes sense, you know? So if you're an organizing freak like me, or even if you're not, you should sign up for Ravelry. They admit new beta testers every week and they're caught up to people who signed up about mid-May so it won't take too terrible long to get in.

As for current projects, here are my Mountain Colors Bearfoot socks in Indian Corn. I love Bearfoot. I tried a couple different patterns but the Indian Corn just wanted to be a stockinette sock so I let it. Surprisingly, I've never knit just a plain stockinette sock and I'm really liking it. I don't know if it's the yarn, the pretty colors, or just the relief at finally having put away the Argyle sock but this puppy is FLYING. Last night I did most of the foot and tonight I'm sure I'll finish up the toe. I also get paid on Friday so I can look at buying "Fitted Knits" and maybe starting the cardigan. Yay!


JennaKate said...

glad you like Ravelry... its like the whole knitting internet in one site. yay!
your bearfoot socks look great, can't wait to see them in person. see you tonight!