Wasn't Green the Color of the Month in March?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yesterday, my friends Jenna, Andy, Maggie, and I went down to Fargo to shop for yarn and meet up with Fargo knitters. I got some lovely, squishy, awesome Misti Alpaca and some Regia sock yarn at Prairie Yarns but nothing screamed out "Buy me!" at the other shop we went to: Boucle. However, I did learn that I seem to have a new favorite color for yarn and yarny projects...

The Cloud 9 is MUCH brighter in person. I got it at WEBS for only $3.99 a ball (normally about $7.25) and I can only assume it's because no one wanted neon green sweaters. Lucky for me, I like bright green and have a bright green acrylic sweater that I'm hoping to replace. This is slowly becoming an Elizabeth Bennet Cardigan from Fitted Knits.

That picture is a little closer to the right color only it's a little washed out from the flash. It's cloudy here today and it was pretty tough getting good pics. Anyway, I figure if it's too bright green when I finish, I can always overdye it. I'll practice on my swatches.

I'm still knitting the (green) Leafy Lace socks as well, finishing the heel flap yesterday on our trip.

Here is the Regia. I was instantly smitten by the deep, rich colors thinking they might be nice for Kurt or some other man that needs socks (my Dad again? I'm not sure.). However, they also would look gorgeous on my own two feet...

Here is a picture of my friends and the Fargo knitters. We had such a great time with them, I think we'll definitely have to make the drive again! It's only an hour and the new shops are great!


JennaKate said...

Nice pictures! Green certainly was the color, considering you just finished those green Japanese Feather socks too. Courtney says she blames me for the greeness. Its a good color, though!

What a fun time. thanks for coming along!