Stupid scarf

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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Um, so here is the curly scarf, dying a slow painful death.

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It's only problem was that it was a little too wide - so wide that it sort of looked like it was going to attack and eat me starting at the chin and then heading south. You have to trust me on this one because during it's short life, the curly scarf did not have any pictures taken of itself. They would have been R rated for violence anyway due to the aforementioned attack possibility.

This was another lesson in listening to your instincts. If I had, I wouldn't have this pile of pink yarn puke right now. Once I realized it was going to be garter stitch I *almost* frogged and did it in stockinette instead because I knew it would look better. When I realized it was going to be too wide and hideous, I *almost* bound off right there and saved it while it was still cute. But for some reason, this illogical part of me just kept thinking: "if it looks bad, you can always frog it and start over." I just kept clinging to that... not really thinking about what it would be like to frog 720 stitches per row for four rows, or k in front and back loop increases, or hmm, let's see REALLY FUZZY YARN! How stupid can I be? This pretty much sums up the whole project. Oh yeah, and the fact that it was a waste of like ten bucks in nice yarn. Now broken, bedraggled, and impossible to use yarn.

So I started a different project for my sister-in-law. A Minisweater, aka Boobholder, that is also doomed to die. I think one of the problems here (heh, yeah, only one) is that I'm not currently feeling real lovey with this particular relative anyway at the moment. We seem to have a difference of opinion on something important but instead of talking to each other about it, we hear the other's side of the story from a mutual family member. This is ridiculous, I know, but I think her opinion on the subject is none of her business in the first place. But this is all rallying around my point instead of getting to it.

When I knit for someone, I find that I think about that person and our relationship. When that relationship isn't doing so hot, the knitting really suffers, which in turn drives me up the wall. Instead of being relaxing and fun, I've just wanted to throw my knitting across the room lately. Hopefully something will magically knit itself up for her and I'll have this over with.

Until then tell me, do you find that your knitting reflects your current relationships or emotional state?


Imbrium said...

You can definitely read my mood in my knitting...I'm a tight knitter anyway, but when I'm stressed out I can barely get my needle in the stitch, leading to some interesting gauge problems.

On the other hand, I can use knitting for someone I'm unhappy with as a sort of therapy. I knit the blanket for the ill-fated baby shower as my way of coming to terms with the mother and her bad decisions. With every stitch, I kept thinking "I love you and your baby, no matter what." I won't say I quite convinced myself, but it was therapeutic nonetheless.

I'm sorry your corkscrew scarf didn't work out. I'm pretty frustrated with mine too...which is why it's been cast aside for my yummy, yummy socks. It seems my knitting fidelity is faltering.

ellie said...

Yeah, my knitting definitely reflects my mood, but maybe in a different way. Lately I've been finding I want to run and hide in my knitting. It's all I want to do, not all the looming school work. And of course I'm much happier to knit something for someone who is already showing appreciation or who I know will love it. I don't think I bother knitting for people I'm upset with. They get nothing. You must be a better person. :)

katiedid said...

I usually like to hide in my knitting but it's hard when everything I try to make SUCKS. But I started some fingerless gloves last night and *gasp* I haven't had to throw them across the room yet.