Spring Fever

Monday, May 01, 2006

It’s Spring now. As much as I hate to admit it, I am the type that will go through the house top to bottom, cleaning and purging it of the CRAP that’s accumulated over the winter. It’s like it’s impossible to really clean in the winter time. It’s too dark, too depressing, and too cold. I haven’t started digging yet but I’ve been thinking about it for weeks already. Gotta work up the gumption. In going through the house in my mind (because really I’ve just been too lazy to actually go through it yet for real) I’ve come across several UFOs. Not of the knitting variety though. These are projects I’ve put off because of my knitting, more likely. It’s just so much easier to pick up a sock and sit my butt on the couch and knit than it is to say… dig out my tablet, oil pastels, shading tools, and some sunlight to finish this Van Gogh reproduction I started for my living room last summer.

Or, in the case of sewing in an unheated front porch, of digging out the fabric, measuring, cutting and sewing the curtains for Kurt’s bedroom. Even though the reason I wanted to put curtains up in his room was to help keep the drafts down this past winter. Yeah, whoops. I missed that one by oh, about six months.

There’s also the new bedspread and curtains I’ve been meaning to make for my bedroom ever since I painted it last spring.

And let’s just not mention the curtains I made for the dining room immediately after we moved in but never finished embroidering... three years ago.

If last summer taught me anything though it’s that I can’t knit with cotton. Not unless I want to spend my sunset years watching other old ladies knit and crying inside because I screwed up my wrists while not finishing other perfectly wrist-friendly projects during my summers. My goal then for summer: finish all unfinished projects and a couple unstarted projects as well. I’ll keep something on my needles all summer, of course. I can’t just let knitting go for months at a time, I’ve proven that with my few day cave-in a few weeks ago, but I’ll keep the projects small, portable, and quick.


Imbrium said...

Hey...look on the bright side. I'm pretty sure there will be drafts again next year!

Am I helping?

I'm trying to avoid noticing the apartment and the incredible cleaning it needs. I've found that video games are really good for that. *sigh*

head of the table said...

I just bought three hanks of cotton for mothers' day gifts and it messes with my wrists, too. Back to wool.

Beth (big geek) said...

Oh my god! where did you get those allegra d pads? I think my company may have printed those!!! Weird! If it says Stik Withit then we did! Love the embroidery