Work, work, work until you die...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Today has not been a good Work Day. Not that anything bad has happened, I just haven't been able to focus. It's hard to sometimes when you know there are exciting things just on the horizon but you're still stuck in dull and drab grant proposal writing hell. Good thing the day is almost out.

There is fun stuff in this entry though! It's not just full of complaining! Quick, look, a picture!

Pattern: Modified Rib and Cable Socks from Interweave Knits, Fall 2005
Yarn: Knitpicks Essential, two balls (with much left over)
Needles: US 0 Takumi Clover bamboo DPNs

Yes, I modified the pattern to toe-ups because I love them. The socks turned out great and comfy and wonderful except that when I don't have shoes on they feel a little scratchy. Hopefully they'll soften up after a wash. The only other item of note is the small needles. Holy crap these socks took forever and I blame it all on the small needles! I love the way the tiny stitches feel on my feet but my wrist and patience just cannot take them again (anytime in the near future anyway - never say never). I'm really itching for some Regia sock yarn and Size 2 needles again. REALLY itching for them. But I might just settle for some more Knitpicks I already have and... damn, I have to finish the cabled gloves before I can use my 2s. Well, at least now we know what knitted item I'll be blogging about next!

In other news, I have literally laughed out loud, at this blog which I found through Heidi's blog, which I almost feel guilty reading because it's in diary format with no comments section but it's too damn hilarious to be private, plus it's addicting as hell so there. Whew, that's a long sentence. Go read Mimi Smartypants, she's the new Erma Bombeck.

While wasting precious time at work today (and berating myself for being a slacker), I also got itching to start my garden like Right Now because this blog, which is an offshoot of Farmgirl Fare. Her idea of salad greens has given me an entirely new outlook on salads.

And last, but certainly not least, I've gotten some work done on the poppy picture. In fact, it's almost done and I can't wait to show it to you! Next week, I promise.
For now I'm off to finish some work so I can go buy gardening supplies. Huzzah!


Imbrium said...

Cute socks! They may have been a bit painful, but they look worth it.

gina said...

I just started a pair on size 0's. Ouch. But I love the way the fabric looks. AAnd yours are gorgeous! Luckily for us knitters, humans have poor memories for pain.