Friday, September 14, 2007

Monkeys! For my Grandma for Christmas. Tell me: how bad of a grand-daughter am I if she asked for pink and mauve variegated socks and I saw this, thought of her, and bought it? It's definitely more brown/ lavender/ purple than any sort of hint of pink at all. Would it help if I bought a pink and mauve variegated before Christmas to show her and have her approve of for next year's socks? If so, does anyone know of any brands that carry a nice pink and mauve variegated?

The Not-so-Puffy sweater has finished blocking and seems to fit, I'm just waiting on the buttons now. They should be here in a few days. I'm so excited! Even though it's too cold here this week to even think about wearing a short-sleeved cardigan.


JennaKate said...

Is anyone else knitting gramma socks? No? Then any socks are great socks, no matter the color. =]

susan said...

Grandmas generally tend to love whatever you knit for them, and decide that the colorway you chose is in fact the PERFECT colorway anyway.

Gena said...
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Gena said...

Okay, I deleted that last comment, cause I was wrong about a colorway. Anywho, I agree with Susan, your Grandma will love them even if they are her least favorite colors! And I like the colors, personally.