Please Forgive Me

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I really had planned to post pictures of my new sweater way back when but then when I blocked it, it was a little small so I had to reblock it. In the meantime, I had tons of homework and tests and was a little worried that even if I blocked it bigger it wouldn't fit and I would be sad. So I put it off. Then once it was blocked and I knew that it fit we kept making plans to do a photo shoot and kept forgetting. So one day last week I just grabbed Kurt's camera (it's sad that my son has a nice digital camera and all I have is a nice camera phone) and took a few pics.

D'ya like that shot of my arm? And my extremely messy desk in the background? Homework, homework, homework, it never ends this semester.

Since the sweater has been finished I've started a couple of new projects. I'm knitting the Harlot's Earl Grey socks for my Dad for Christmas with the green Jawoll I bought a couple months ago.

My other project is a little... ambitious, but I'm very excited about it. I'm planning a version of the Wildflower Cardigan from Anthropologie. It will be in brown with yarn I got just recently at ANOTHER going out of business sale - this time Ben Franklin Crafts right here in my town. I'm going to do the flower stem in green and the flowers in white. Zooming in on the photo shows some interesting details. It looks like the buttonband is actually crocheted and the little ruffle made just by increasing in single crochet rows. I could be wrong though, I haven't really studied this thing too much.

I've never designed a yarn from scratch before and I've certainly never tried to knock-off a sweater before. I have mixed feelings about it. I love a challenge but I feel bad that I'm sort of cheating and not just buying it. But at the same time, who would want such a beautiful sweater that has nylon in it? 100% wool is the way I'm going. Yummy warmth. Not to mention that I can't justify $128 on a sweater but can totally justify $70 on yarn to make a sweater. (Not that that is a good reason to knock-off a sweater, but it is one of my reasons.)

So yeah, that's what's going on here. Today I'm going to the gym, doing much homework and studying for a test next Friday, and then hopefully finding some time to vacuum the house, knit a little, and finish reading a book. Hope everyone that's at Rhineback right now had a grand time!!


Gina said...

The sweater looks fabulous and fits perfectly. Nice work!

I think the Anthropologie knock-off is a great project and I can't wait to see how it goes. Since I've been knitting, I've also been disappointed to realize how rare good quality yarns are in mass-made knits. I'll see something supercute and then read the tag - 100% acrylic. And they'll be charging $100 for it! I'd much rather spend the $100 on good yarn and have the pleasure of knitting something myself.

Good luck with all the homework!

JennaKate said...

That sweater is AMAZING! You must feel so proud of your incredible hand knit wonderfulness. You definitely make some beautiful stuff! Good luck with the Antrho cardi - I can't wait to see your schemes and plans!

Gena said...

It looks great! Can't wait to see what you do for the Anthro-cardi. I love that one!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Do you love it? It looks so GREAT on you!

You should love it. I love it. Did I say I loved it?

big geek beth