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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Except for the too shortness of the sleeve, my virtual double chin, and the fuzziness from taking the picture in a dim room, I'd say this is a success so far!

I'm already past the ribbing on the second sleeve (I know you can't see where it ends in the picture... just pretend you can see that the ribbing on the sleeve ends in the same place where it ends on the body) and am hoping to have this baby finished and blocked by my birthday party on the 22nd. I shall be 30 and I'd like to have a hot, freshly knitted sweater to wear to celebrate the occasion. :)

Also, and update on the felted slippers: I immediately sewed the cut out piece back in using the same yarn and didn't even felt it because it's barely noticeable. The right one is my Frankenslipper and it's pretty happy being different. Oh, and keeping my toesies cozy.

I was also given a "You Make My Day" and a "You Make Me Smile" award by Big Geek Beth and thought I'd award them as well. So here are the (knitting) peeps that make my day and make me smile:

Beth, of course!
Cathi, aka Mrs. Pink

Thanks for making my days brighter everyone!


JennaKate said...

You make my day too!

Love the sweater - it is just the perfect shade of brown for you. You're gonna rock the house on your birthday!

Gena said...

Aww, you make my day too!

Digging the sweater. You'll definitely have it finished in time!

Anonymous said...

30 and still flirty I hope!
Can't wait to see the finished product.

beth (big geek)

No YOU make my day!

gina said...

Hey, people pay ridiculous amounts of money to have mismatched shoes. It's called a "design feature."

The sweater is looking good! A flattering, simple knit you'll be able to wear like crazy.

ellie said...

Aw shucks! Thanks! You make my day too!

Annora said...

Well said.