A List

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2007 Knits

  • Kurt's hand-dyed kool-aid socks
  • Japanese Feather Socks (love, love, love them)
  • Simple Cable Socks (with the leftover Kona superwash from the Japanese Feather's, also much love.)
  • Argyle Socks (UFO banished to the yarn drawer)
  • Bearfoot Socks (barely wearable because they've felted so much from being washed on delicate IN A LINGERIE BAG. I am not pleased.)
  • Not-so-Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan
  • Emily's Striped Socks (Christmas gift)
  • Taylor's Striped Socks (Christmas gift, ankle socks with leftovers from Emmie's socks)
  • Blue Leftover's Socks (Dudes, only fit for like a month. This kid is growing like a weed. At Christmas he was still shorter than my aunt, today he was at least a full inch taller than her.)
  • Mystery Stole (half done, UFO banished to the yarn drawer. Sorry, no Swan love here.)
  • Grandma's Christmas Monkey Socks (slippers)
  • Wildflower Cardigan (marinating in my yarn bag)
  • Harlot's Cable Socks (Christmas present for Matt)
  • Simple Manly Socks (almost done, late Christmas present for my Dad)