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Monday, January 21, 2008

Shoot. I just cut the first hole out of my slippers to make them all Mary Jane-ish and I don't like it. At first I didn't even think it was cute but now that I see them in pictures I do like the way the Mary Jane one looks and can see that it would look even better with a little contrast outline around the opening and the faux strap but....

Do you see how that sucker pooches out on the sides? I can't believe the draft! I've been wearing these slippers around the house for days and have remarked to anyone who'll listen that they're the warmest slippers I've ever had. Now, the right one is not. It's cold. Boo.

My plan is to sew the opening back in using the same yarn and felt it into place. I don't know if it'll work since the patch will probably just felt and shrink more in the process but I know I can't have the cute Mary Jane slippers I've been dreaming of. I'd rather have toasty warm toes!

In the meantime, I'll continue flying along on my Scoop Neck Vest (which I'd like to put sleeves on but am not sure if I will yet).

That's the front and more than half of the back. This is a quickie knit! I started on Friday night.


Gena said...

But the Mary Jane look is so cute! I just bought a pair today. Too bad they gape, though. Maybe you could try using a (old) toothbrush to try to just felt around the seam? No idea if that will work.

Anonymous said...

Bummer man! I like them both ways. But why not make another pair?


Big Geek Beth