Saturday, October 04, 2008

Well, I'm back at it. I'm just about to the middle of the semester already. Want to take a guess at how much knitting I've gotten done so far?

Yep, that's pretty much it. Of course, you have to picture me knitting this sock down to the heel, realizing it didn't fit and re-knitting it, then re-knitting the toe because it wasn't quite long enough. That boy's got giant feet!

I also cast on for my Little Birds sweater this week. Started on Thursday while watching the Vice Presidential debates with my friend Susanna who recently moved here from New York. Finished the cast on last night which is when I realized this sweater is knit on US 1's, not US 3's. Whoa. This sucker is going to take me FORever. But it will be worth it. The colors are just gorgeous and I love the pattern. I would show you pictures but it's already pretty dark out and the pictures I took yesterday with my phone look like total crap. Next time!


Suzeq22knits said...

Good things take time. Little birds= big commitment. 2 more weeks of quilting and then we can get back to greys watching!

Suzeq22knits said...

Oh forgot to ask did the new needle arrive?