Pooling vs. Flooding

Monday, March 30, 2009

I finished my blue socks with the annoying pooling and they actually look alright.

Since then, I've begun my sister's Swirly Hat aka, my official Blizzard KAL hat.  

I meant to do it a few blizzards ago but last weeks ended up being just fine... especially since it was an official snow day with classes canceled and everything.  Then, after one day back at school, they canceled the next two days so the students could help with the flood-fighting efforts.  So, in between sandbagging and staying caught up with homework, I've been working on this little hat.  I'm a little nervous about it fitting since a) I'm not very good at making hats that fit, b) I didn't exactly get gauge, and c) it's looking a little small even though gauge tells me it should be huge.  I'm just hoping that's because the provisional cast-on I used left a short piece of yarn in the edge that belies it's actual length.  Yeah, that's it.

As for the flood, we are fine here in Grand Forks (though some areas are not completely dry) and are expecting the river to crest mid-week.  Fargo seems to be safe but their dikes need to hold for a few more days at least while the water levels decrease... and they're getting hit with another storm today and tomorrow so hopefully that won't leave too much moisture.  Keep them in your thoughts, please.  

(I apologize for the horrible quality of the pictures but Kurt still hasn't found the digital camera that he took to winter camp last month...)