Is that like building a skyscraper on a lake?

Monday, August 06, 2007

That's right: unique construction. That's what the Mystery Stole can be summed up as. Well, not completely, of course. The theme was revealed and is......

(don't read if you don't want the secret ruined yet)

(really, I'm going to write it right below this picture so if you don't want to know...)

Swan Lake!

I was a bit miffed at first that two of the main motifs didn't end up having anything to do with the theme but were just "space fillers". It was the main motifs we were scrutinizing so much to try to figure out the theme! But, eventually, I just gave it up to good strategizing on Melanie's part. I had to or I would be eaten up inside by the miffed-ness. Hah. ;-) Just kidding, it wasn't that bad.

The second shocker was that the last part of the stole is actually a.... wing. Completely and utterly asymmetrical. I went through feeling intrigued, excited, and now sort of intrigued but removed. I had resolved to do the wing no matter what - knit as designed, knit outside of my comfort zone, all that business and then... I started seeing pictures of the wing. And it is beautiful, it is. But it really is asymmetrical. It's basically a beautiful feather pattern that comes out from one corner of the end, straight along the top of the stole, and then curves gently at the bottom to meet in a point at the final end.

Thing is, I am such a symmetrical girl. I hang all of my pictures in the center of the wall... I get out the tape measure for fuck's sake! So, you know, I think I'll be sitting this wing thing out. Only problem is that means I'll have to reknit a second of the piece I already have (which is actually farther along than in the photos here) and graft them together. *sigh* It may become a UFO for awhile. I don't want it to, it's gorgeous, but I really have other projects I want to work on before school starts in a mere two weeks because I just won't have the time anymore. And, in the mean time, I can continue stalking the Ravelry sites and blogs of those who ARE knitting the wing and see if I can talk myself into it.

P.S. I missed a couple of beads on the shawl, can you see where? Guess I'll just sew those on later, huh?


JennaKate said...

i can't believe you're not doing the wing! it sounds really neat - but if it would bug you, then of course, skip it.
the motif before the cat's pay motif kind of looks like feathers, at least in your pic. it fits the theme a little, or maybe i'm just trying too hard.
it is a big investment of time and attention to knit lace, so i don't blame you for putting it aside. see you wednesday!

Gena said...

Okay, I have to go look up what this wing thing looks like. I can't quite imagine it. And, that explains the Swan Lake part. I kept wondering how it was swan lake, but it was because I hadn't seen this wing thing yet!

Oh, and I can't see where you missed the beads.