Puffy little shoes, er, sweater

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anyone else a Presidents of the United States of America fan? The band? Kurt used to love the Puffy Little Shoes song when he was younger. He would want to listen to it over and over and over.

Classes started last week and I was feeling pretty good about everything until about yesterday. Now I feel behind in a couple of classes and am hoping the long weekend will help me catch up, even though I made too many plans for it. I don't have tests for quite awhile though so I should be fine.

The puffy sleeved cardigan is going pretty well. My gauge was off a little so I just ended up not doing as many increases. I was definitely cool with that. Then I got all excited when the directions said to start the shaping decreases that I didn't actually try it on and think about it first before I jumped headlong into them... and, of course, they were way too high. Pretty much right under my bust. I waited until one of my knitty friends came over last night to rip it. Now I'm back on track to start the decreases again, in the RIGHT place this time. I'm also lengthening the cardigan so that makes a difference too.

Anyway, here it is before all the decreasing drama started. It looks kind of funny because it still has the needles in and can't curve to fit right but you get the idea. It's going to be so cute!

I also finished the other Stripey socks with the leftover Opal from my sister's socks. They ended up being anklets with a couple of their own issues but they're cute and they're done and that's what matters. I'm thinking my next socks might be my dad's or brother-in-law's. Hopefully I'll find time to cast on for those this weekend so I can put them in my backpack for knitting on in between classes next week.

Okay, that's my quickie update. I'll post again next week for sure. Maybe even with pictures of the new Stripey socks.


Gena said...

The sweater looks great so far! Is that all the puff the sleeves have? For some reason I was envisioning more (but I like them how they are).

Gina said...

I'm not sure if I'm a PUSA "fan," but I certainly get that Peaches song in my head every time I eat something with peaches in it.

The sweater is looking great! It's going to be so flattering on you. That photo really makes me miss my waistline.