Friday, April 14, 2006

Anyone else have to work both Friday and Monday this weekend? No holiday day? It bites. Well, I shouldn't complain too much since we'll most likely get to leave early and I'm taking part of Tuesday morning off (to do laundray that I won't get done on Sunday. Woo.)

I've worked on the glove. I've actually gotten much farther than the picture shows but haven't taken another picture. I tried my first idea for the flap but, once again, my introspective engineering skills are sub par. I'll try to explain: when I got to the part where normally you would just mark a row for picking up the flap stitches later I put them on a stitch holder (yarn scrap) and cast on new stitches for the rest of the hand instead. After a few rows, I tacked (ack! tacking!) the cast on edge down for a nice flat seam. Once finished with the fingers (should not have done all of the fingers) I picked up the stitches I left off and began the flap. Uh-huh, it pretty much just looks like I picked up stitches along the back of the glove for the flap. Not the invisible look I was going for.

But it's not all bad news. The process I've detailed here is actually VERY simplified. To write it down in pattern form would probably give me an aneurysm. So now I can take what I've learned, apply it to the left glove, and come up with something easier, prettier, and better. The good news is, the cable is beautiful on the glove - though I might get rid of the P2, K2, P2 alongside it and shorten it to a P2.

Haven't touched the sock.

But I did come across this gorgeous, but filthy, handmade artifact in my best friends new house last night (the house is full of junk that is now theirs). It reminds me of the Harlot's Tink's sweaters.

And here is a pretty, pretty rainbow we saw while out at her house.

The whole night, from the drive out, the storm (which was brief), the house, the ride home under the full moon, made me want to live in the country. Now. Unfortunately, I don't see it as feasible at this point in my lifey-life. *sigh* So I'll have to content myself with hanging out at my Dad's farm this weekend.

Have a great one!


Imbrium said...

Days off? I am unfamiliar with this concept. Tell me more.

Beth (big geek) said...

Harumpf. I worked today, but I am taking a vacation day on Monday! Nice rainbow and gloves


Carrie said...

Great photo of the double rainbow!