Monday, April 24, 2006

Hi. Meet my semi-new nostepinne.

Way back when I saw someone post, on the Live Journal Punk Knitters group, a picture of a beer bottle she had used as a nostepinne. This was around the time I was contemplating purchasing a ball winder but didn't want to shell out for a swift as well. Then I got a bottle of wine for Christmas. Genious. I'm sure the real thing is even better, like that time I made my own DPNs, but for now I'm really lovin' on the nostewine. I also love how you can see the progression in this picture. Bottom left is the first ball I wound, then the bottom right pink, top pink, red in the middle and finally the grey on the top left. The one actually on the bottle was done yesterday - it was one the cats got into last weekend. I left it there because I just like the way it looks.

The nostewine and yarn is sitting atop a pile of paint cards. I finally chose a color for my living room (Yellow Rose) and my landlord is supposed to drop it off this week. Just one of the projects I hope to complete this summer.


Imbrium said...


susan said...

That is very clever. It looks slightly addictive too (the winding, not the wine).

gina said...

That's an idea I can definitely get behind.

Jenna said...

how smart you are!
if you need help painting, give me a call.