Mittens in warm weather

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Several knitting related things happened in the past week while I was on "sabbatical". First off, I couldn't not knit. Isn't that terrible? But I did take a break from the Tiny Needles of Doom. While on break, I actually measured my gauge because the sock is a tad bit tight - not horribly so but, you know, a little bit.
Uh yeah, gauge is off. I'm getting 8.5 sts to the inch (8.5!!). Which, you know, isn't the end of the world. I'm not sure I mentioned it, but I did a KnitSwap with a CheekyMama for some Clover DPN's in sizes 1 and 3 (I gave her my new Crystal Palace's in the same sizes because I hated them). So I might just start the second sock on US 1s and see what my gauge is and how it fits. Knitting on 1s would be slightly better than on 0s and I can do it all under the guise that my gauge was off. Hah. (Also, sorry for the terrible picture. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get a picture of BROWN socks.)

One more note on the swap though - CheekyMama seemed to think she needed to apologize for getting my needles out a little later than I sent hers (she really didn't, it was fine) so she sent me some handmade stitch markers. They're so pretty! I haven't taken a picture yet but I will. I've always wanted a set but haven't yet purchased any so it was really fun to get a surprise set in the mail. Thank you!

So I said I couldn't not knit but that I haven't been knitting on the miniature socks (more gauge humor, building my case here). Maybe you've guessed by the entry title that I've started my fingerless gloves. I was right in my assumptions that Knitpicks Wool of the Andes is a thinner yarn than what I used for Kurt's gloves and that it would knit up to a perfect size for my hands. So far, so good. Here you see the glove trying to drive my car. (And yes, it's too warm to wear a coat and yet I continue to knit wool gloves. I'm preparing for next year! Early!)
I've had a couple different ideas of how to continue the cable onto the mitten flap without it being interrupted (by picking up stitches for the flap). I'm not sure which idea I'll go with yet but I'll be deciding soon. Hopefully it'll work! I'm excited to try.

Wow, you'd think it was all knitting all the time around here. In reality, I also got to 1) go to a rock show my friends put on while in town on tour, 2) watch the river rise past major flood stage and be protected by a new almost-completed flood wall, and 3) buy a bridesmaid dress for my best friend's wedding. Oh, and knit with a friend on Sunday. All in all, a great week despite the wrist aches.


Imbrium said...

Right...because I needed to look at bridesmaids' dresses for half an hour. :P At least Bradon didn't catch me.

gina said...

Have you thought of trying socks on two circulars? I find them much easier on my hands than DPNs?

jennakate said...

lets learn socks on 2 circs! sounds superfun!
(i just want an excuse to knit with you more)
with regular sock yarn, on US 1's, i get NINE stitches per inch.
and people think knitting is relaxing. pffft.