A List

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2007 Knits

  • Kurt's hand-dyed kool-aid socks
  • Japanese Feather Socks (love, love, love them)
  • Simple Cable Socks (with the leftover Kona superwash from the Japanese Feather's, also much love.)
  • Argyle Socks (UFO banished to the yarn drawer)
  • Bearfoot Socks (barely wearable because they've felted so much from being washed on delicate IN A LINGERIE BAG. I am not pleased.)
  • Not-so-Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan
  • Emily's Striped Socks (Christmas gift)
  • Taylor's Striped Socks (Christmas gift, ankle socks with leftovers from Emmie's socks)
  • Blue Leftover's Socks (Dudes, only fit for like a month. This kid is growing like a weed. At Christmas he was still shorter than my aunt, today he was at least a full inch taller than her.)
  • Mystery Stole (half done, UFO banished to the yarn drawer. Sorry, no Swan love here.)
  • Grandma's Christmas Monkey Socks (slippers)
  • Wildflower Cardigan (marinating in my yarn bag)
  • Harlot's Cable Socks (Christmas present for Matt)
  • Simple Manly Socks (almost done, late Christmas present for my Dad)

Real Time Blogging

Monday, January 21, 2008

Shoot. I just cut the first hole out of my slippers to make them all Mary Jane-ish and I don't like it. At first I didn't even think it was cute but now that I see them in pictures I do like the way the Mary Jane one looks and can see that it would look even better with a little contrast outline around the opening and the faux strap but....

Do you see how that sucker pooches out on the sides? I can't believe the draft! I've been wearing these slippers around the house for days and have remarked to anyone who'll listen that they're the warmest slippers I've ever had. Now, the right one is not. It's cold. Boo.

My plan is to sew the opening back in using the same yarn and felt it into place. I don't know if it'll work since the patch will probably just felt and shrink more in the process but I know I can't have the cute Mary Jane slippers I've been dreaming of. I'd rather have toasty warm toes!

In the meantime, I'll continue flying along on my Scoop Neck Vest (which I'd like to put sleeves on but am not sure if I will yet).

That's the front and more than half of the back. This is a quickie knit! I started on Friday night.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For some reason I kept thinking of sasquatches while I knit brown swatches this weekend. It's just a fun word to say, I think. This post might not be fun to read, however, because it's just a bunch of swatch talk. If you want to get to the point of the post, just read the last few paragraphs!

Swatches for the Snow White sweater. I don't like how I had to stretch the ribbing waaaay out to get gauge - I had cast on enough stitches for a 6x4 inch swatch. The stockinette one was very close to gauge but you can see the edges of the 4x4 paper beneath peeking out which tells you that it had to be stretched a bit to get there. (Recommended gauges: St st 18 sts, 26 rows, ribbing 16 sts, 28 rows.)

On a side note, I love this way of measuring gauge swatches! I used to always knit a bigger swatch than 4x4 and measure in several places. Probably more accurate but the 4x4 paper is so much easier! You can tell which ones I knit first and last by that.

This is an example of what happens when you don't label your swatches right away... you end up making another swatch with the same size needles. At least I'm fairly consistent (if you can't see the little tags, the gauge on one is 20 sts, 29 rows and the other is 21 sts, 32 rows). These were for the Elizabeth Bennett Cardigan. (Recommended gauge 22 sts, 30 rows.)

And the winner is... the Scoop Neck Vest! (Ravelry link because I think the picture is better than the actual pattern link, even though that one sports a sexy librarian type. Great job Mrs. Pink!) Gauge is spot-on at 18 sts and 24 rows. Unfortunately, this pattern isn't available as an instant gratification .pdf file like Snow White so I'm patiently awaiting it's arrival in the mail.

In the meantime, I've begun a quick and easy project for some instant FO gratification: Felted Beaded Mary Jane Slippers, sans beading.

I Just Want to Knit a Damn Sweater!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The angora content in the Angora Extra is too much for my poor Wildflower Cardigan. The ribbing doesn't really rib which is needed for the waist shaping. I could just decrease more but then what is the point of keeping the ribbing for the waist which is a design feature of the sweater? I'm beginning to think this poor sweater is doomed. It's now hibernating
and probably sobbing quietly.

I did learn an AWEsome new technique though in this whole process. You know how my favoritist cast-on of all time is the Tubular Cast-on, which I usually do with a provisional cast-on? Well, the awesomeness that is Ravelry showed me the Italian Tubular Cast-on and then the Long-Tail Tubular Cast-on. The Long-Tail Tubular Cast-on is my new love. Just look at it's beauty (and ignore the little bit of wonkiness as this was only my second try):

Ah tubularness.

So, since I decided to quit on the Wildflower I was in need of another sweater project. I decided on Snow White (Ravelry link). However, even though I got gauge in my swatch last night I don't really like the way the yarn looks at that gauge. *sigh* So now I'm thinking about trying the Elizabeth Bennett Cardigan (also a Ravelry link) with the brown yarn I originally was using for my Wildflower and which, incidentally, I originally bought with the EB in mind (before I become obsessed with the idea of angora).

Whew. If I'm not able to finish a sweater soon I think I may have to give up knitting altogether. (Just kidding, of course!)

In the meantime, I did finish this hat for Kurt. My first hat that actually fits it's recipient (even if the top does look a bit nipple-ish.)

Hmm, well then.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Here I am, at the end of my winter break already. It went by so fast and yet I'm so satisfied with everything I accomplished. From simply hanging out with Kurt and with friends, watching movies, cooking, working, and, well, a tiny bit of knitting. My house projects definitely took precedence over my knitting, especially when things started to go to hell.

The Wildflower Cardigan was flying along for awhile until I took it off the needles and realized it was too big... and that the ribbing at the waist in this heavy worsted weight yarn sort of made me look like I had a tire around my waist. Tonight, inspiration finally hit: I've re-written the pattern for the boatload of Angora Extra I bought right before the semester ended. It will be a very thin, airy cardigan which is actually much more like the inspiration, which itself is an angora blend. We'll see how it goes anyway. I'm excited to get started! Luckily, or unluckily depending on how you look at it, there is always a ton of reading at the start of the semester so I should have time to knit away on it while I read.

My dad's socks also flew along until I got sidetracked, and then fell out of love with, the Wildflower Cardigan. I've finished the first and am just about to the heel flap on the second. The Mystic Alpaca I'm knitting them with is slightly scratchy knit up, which was really surprising to me for how soft it was in the ball. I don't think it'll be too bad though. It's like the slight scratchiness of my old Knitpicks socks: you notice when you put them on and then after five minutes you don't.

So that's what's going on here. I'm not sure why I didn't think of the switch with the yarn before now. I think I was just so set on making the Elizabeth Bennet Cardigan from the Angora Extra - no matter how much it didn't want to cooperate (and it really didn't want to... the only way I got a decent fabric was if I doubled it). I actually wouldn't be surprised if the brown 10 ply I WAS using for the WC would be perfect for the EB. Isn't that just the way things go?

I hope everyone's holidays were good and that your year is off to a great start!