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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Well, I've decided to give it another go. Watch out knit blog, here I come.

I've edited in my knit posts I made during the knit blog downtime from my livejournal. One thing I really love in a knit blog is lots of pictures that AREN'T behind a cut so I'm hoping to take and post lots of pictures. Maybe I can increase my photography skills by doing this because they're pretty lacking right now.

Also, I need to design a banner for my blog. I'm thinking maybe a drawing of a katydid knitting? Would be adorable but I'm really not that cutesy of a person. If you have any other fun ideas leave a comment.

Current WIPs:

Blanket Squares for the John Glick Blanket Project. I'm going to complete one more square and mail them off, hopefully, next week.
Image hosted by

Eyelet Ribbed Top with Lara from Elann
[No picture yet but I'll take one soon and post it here]

Secret project I'm planning to submit for Knitty's winter issue. Cross your fingers for me.
[Obviously no picture for awhile on this one.]