Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So this weekend, I made knitting needles. A lady at the knitting group had mentioned that a friend of hers did this with dowels so I thought I'd give it a shot. I also realized that the bamboo skewers I use to make chicken satay are right about a size US 3. I ended up sanding the bamboo ones down to a US 2. There are five of those, double-pointed. Then I used the smallest dowel I could buy (I think it was 1/8") and made a set of US 1. There are also five of those, double-pointed. Then I made a pair of single-pointed US 8. I had wanted to sand those slightly to a size 7 since I rarely use 8s but I was so tired of sanding by that point that I didn't. The dowels were poplar so we'll see how they hold up - I have no idea of the strength.

Whoops, I forgot about a meeting. I'll finish this later.