Posting at work again...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I know I should have learned my lesson yesterday but it's just so easy to post quick here instead of at home since I have to unload pics from the camera here anyway (I don't have a digital so I borrow the one from work). Plus yesterday was such a horrible day here I think I deserve a few minutes to post before I really start into my day.

Last night I took pictures of my new needles. To continue from yesterday when I was so rudely interrupted (haha, um, whoops) after I sanded the points and got the needles to the size I wanted I stained them with some stain + polyeurothane I had lying around. I don't know that this was the best idea but it seems to have worked.

I've begun knitting with the US 2s and while it was slow going at first I'm not sure if that was because a) I was starting a new sleeve and having some difficulties or b) I've never knit on wooden needles before or c) that maybe my homemade needles suck. As I worked though, they seemed to get a little more slippery and smooth and by the time I stopped for the evening I was flying. I love them! I can't wait to attempt my first socks on the 1s! (I hope I can use ones anyway...)

So, onto the pictures so I can get some work done before our company picnic this afternoon.

Image hosted by
This one is really dark but the needles just gleam in it so I had to post it.

Image hosted by
Here is one in sunlight from the window.

Image hosted by
And a slightly blurry close-up.

I'm not sure if it's the camera or me (probably me) but I end up taking a million pictures to get even the most "okay" shots. I wish I had the talent to take beautiful knit pictures like I've seen on other blogs but I guess I'll just have to practice. And maybe eventually buy my own digital camera that is slightly better than this one.

And I'm off! I know I don't have any subscribers to this blog yet but if anyone is reading it, leave a comment so I can say hi. :) I'm thinking of joining a blogring but it's a little intimidating at the moment.