Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Each week seems to get more and more busy for me, at work and at home. School starts tomorrow and my son is understandably a bit nervous. Last year he didn't have the greatest first week and I was out of town for work, which only made things worse. Unfortunately, I have to be out of town for work again next week, the first three days of school. But we're taking what we learned last year and learning from it. I'll make sure to be in touch with his teacher and to speak with him every night about his day. Many things have changed for him in the last year - for the better - so I really think this year will start off right.

As for knitting, I went out to buy sock yarn this weekend and found some Sockotta in a variegated grey, white, and light blue. Now I'm not a huge fan of variegated yarn and was really hoping for some true stripey stuff for my first socks but almost as soon as I started them I realized what a great (accidental) choice I had made. It's so much easier to keep track of my progress, number of stitches and show detailed pictures with variegated!

I'm going toe-up and swept through the short rows just trusting that it was going to come out right because I just couldn't work my little brain around HOW it was to work. And it worked! I only ended up with one mistake: a little tiny hole that I'll patch up somehow later.

Here are the obligatory toe shots (I've seen so many and they never cease to amaze me...) The second is actually just a picture of my pretty pedicure. My supervisor always tries to do fun activities during our monthly staff meetings and this month it was pedicures at the cosmetology school here in town! So today I'm wearing pretty sandals to show it off (not pictured.)

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Sorry for the extra floor in the pic but I don't have any good photo-editing software at my disposal today.

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A shot of my pretty pedicure.

I also went to knitting group again on Sunday and had a very nice time. We talked about Harry Potter and movies and knitting and other fun subjects and I felt a little more at ease.