Thursday, March 09, 2006

So yesterday I bought myself a bento box. Oh heck, I bought Kurt one too. So random. I followed a link on Heidi's blog for this vegan lunch box site and was just enthralled. What a cool idea! What a great way to make sure you're getting lots of healthy food instead of just throwing some mac and cheese in a tupperware and dragging it to work. And all the little containers fit inside a little lunchbox with it's own bag. Then again... it still has all those little containers and a huge problem for us, when I used to make lunches once a week for Kurt, was that he would inevitably lose a lid or container or whatever all the time.

So I googled bento boxes to see what else I could come up with and here is where my stupidity comes in. Or just ignorance. I've always wanted a bento box. Ever since I first saw one (probably in Revolutionary Girl Utena, the first anime I really liked). But I didn't know what they were called and, yes this is dumb, I didn't realize you could just go out and buy them. It's such a perfect idea and way more convenient than the western version. The little partitions are already there instead of being removable (though the ones I bought are both stackable) and it's just a couple big pieces to wash instead of five million little ones.

Ii think we're both way more excited about this than we need to be. We're already planning all kinds of lunches we can fit in our little boxes. And I might knit Kurt a little felted bag with an ice pack pocket to put his in so it stays cold at school. Like I said, way more excited than we need to be.

In actual current knitting news, I finished the first glove last night and will definitely cast on for the second one tonight so I don't put it off like S³ (Second Sock Syndrome). Here's a picture from the other night before I bore you to death.

In that picture, I was in the process of ripping out all of the decreases and about 6 more even rows of the flap. It was much too long for Kurt's fingers and I had just a teensy bit of yarn left (seen rolled up by the glove).

The amount of yarn really perplexed me for awhile on this one. The pattern calls for knitting weight (KW) yarn. Um, duh Katie, Classic Elite Renaissance (CER) is worsted weight. No wonder my gauge is off. KW is somewhere between worsted and sportweight and I'm guessing it's really closer to sportweight. So anyway, these gloves are thick, thick and sooo warm due to the worsted but, like I mentioned before: slightly big. Wool of the Andes, which I'll be using for my gloves is a lighter worsted so we'll see how that goes. I foresee much ripping and math and tediocrity*. But I still can't wait to start.

*I'm not the only one who makes up words, am I?


Imbrium said...

Oooh, I love Japanese stuff. My favorite Asian market has a bunch of really neat bento boxes, and the Denver Art Museum and a bunch of really incredible ones. So cool!

I also noticed that the site where you got Kurt's bento box also has dating sims...and I think they might even be in English. Yay! I've been searching for them, and the only ones I ever find are in Japanese. (They're under "Dating-Sim Games," but I should warn you that the link to that page is NOT work safe.)

jenna said...

knitting weight is the stupidest name for a yarn weight ever. i mean, knitting as opposed to sporting? worsting? lacing?
who made these up, anyway?