Sugar and Candy and Socks

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Okay, so I did get to sit at the clinic for 5 hours. But it wasn't a finger prick... it was a blood draw every hour. Yucky. But, thankfully (or not), when I crashed about 2 and a half hours into it, I CRASHED. I stumbled into the lab's backroom where the little bed deal is (you know, where wussies like me get their blood drawn) and fell asleep for the last half, waking only to stick out my arm and squint from the light. But what's worse than all that maybe is the waiting. I still haven't heard from my doctor and don't really know when to expect results.

I did start a new sock while I was there. It's the Cable and Rib socks from the Fall 2005 Interweave Knits. Well, only mine are toe-up with short row heels and toes so basically I'm just using the cable pattern. So far, they look big. In the picture in the magazine, the cables kind of "plump up" and get wider across the top of the foot of the model but on Miss Skinnyfeet Me they're just sort of skinny cables. And I'm worried that if I drop off one pattern repeat and try for 50 stitches, that they'll be too tight. Did I mention I'm doing these on US 0s? So, you know, going down another needle size isn't going to cut it. (As I read through this I thought: "Hey, but what about going up a needle size and cutting them down to 50 stitches?" This might work... if my Knitswap comes through.)

And I completed a few more pattern repeats on the scarf. When I'm done, I think I'm going to write up a quick pattern for the scarf and post it as a .pdf on my site. Not that it's a really innovative pattern or anything, but when I was looking for a cabled scarf pattern nothing really fit the bill and the choices were slim. If I get motivated and pair it up with a hat and scarf like I plan, it might be worth it to someone that stumbles across it.


Imbrium said...

Oh, but you can get smaller! US0000 needles are 1.25mm in diameter...don't you want to knit socks on those? ;)

And yay to the scarf pattern! I've got a scarf for a friend coming up sometime in the future, and I may very well steal your pattern.

jenna said...

hopefully you hear back from the doc soon!
good luck with the new sock! what yarn did you use?