Needs and wants...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Have you ever wanted to make something just to make it? Ever since I've seen the Hermione Hat and Mittens and Ron's Animal Cracker Hat I've been wanting to make them. But... I don't really need bobbled mittens and Kurt isn't too keen on the Animal Cracker hat - believe me, I've tried to make him keen on it. The realization hit me today though that I don't need a reason to make them, I just can. God knows we could always use an extra hat or a scarf or a veritable PILE of mittens around here. Mittens just like to hide every once in awhile, I think, to take a break maybe from being worn and battered up all the time.

The funny part is probably familiar to knitter's everywhere: when in the world would I have time to knit things I don't really need when there are so many things I do "need" to knit! Let's see what I need at the moment:

Cabled Scarf, fingerless gloves, and hat set for me (in progress)
Fingerless gloves for Kurt
Socks for me (many, many socks for me. teehee)
Socks for Kurt
Mon Petit Chou
Lacy Socks for me
Solid colored raglan top-down sweater

Uh, the list does go on. Maybe this summer when I'm in need of something not socks (hah) that's portable I'll pick up some Harry Potter fun.


Imbrium said...

Need, want...pft. If we knitters were all about need, we'd just buy our socks and sweaters at Target. Lord knows that buying a sweater is cheaper than knitting a sweater.

Besides, that's the glory of gifts! Found a pattern you really want to knit, but you have no use for the finished product? Give it away, as a gift or to charity!

Yeah...I'm preaching to the choir, aren't I?

Though I have to say, I've done about all the Harry Potter knitting I can stand.

jenna kate said...

in french class in 10th grade, i learned that while "mon petit chou" MEANS "honey, sweetie, darling" etc, it TRANSLATES as "my little cabbage".
my vote: bobble away! the hat is super cute. so, do you have a yarn already in mind for it?