Thursday, March 16, 2006

The gloves are done. I saw Kurt eating breakfast this morning with them on so I'm pretty sure they're appreciated. I'll take a pic tonight while the suns still up. So cool that the sun is still up when we get home now! And Daylight Savings Time is on it's way again - April 2nd. I think I'll celebrate.

On the downside, I just got back from the doc's office and he thinks I may very well have hypoglycemia. I get to eat a sugary 3000 calorie diet for the next three days and go in on Monday morning, starving, for a 5 hour glucose test. The scarf (or a new sock) will go with me. There I will have my finger pricked (not my knitting finger!) every half hour, from what I understand, and will probably feel like shit. No, I WILL feel like shit because that happens when I don't eat... a symptom of hypoglycemia. Lovely. But, you know, on the bright side, if it IS that, at least I'll know why I feel crappy all the time.


jenna said...

its better than niacin shots for the rest of your life, right?
congrats on the finished glove. maybe now you can get away frm black for a while. :)

Cathi said...

I hope the test goes well for you- at least knowing is better than not knowing, right? I'll be thinking about you!