It's the Weekend. Alright!

Friday, March 03, 2006

My lunch hour today was so productive. I mailed something for work and walked over to my LYS, which is now Ben Franklin Crafts since the "real" LYS closed. I picked up three hanks of Classic Elite Renaissance (which is ironic, of course, because the old LYS was called Yarn Renaissance) for Kurt's fingerless gloves. I was also tempted by a 50% lama, 50% wool yarn but I resisted... and bought three hanks instead of one of the Renaissance instead. I was so proud and feeling accomplished, I now had the pattern from a friend and the yarn and I set off for home happily to find something to eat. I figured I could start the gloves tonight during our Friday Night Movie.

Uh yeah, I don't have any size 3 DPN's. I have one size 3 circular needle but it's the slipperiest damn needle in the world. I have 2's and I have 4's. My friend who provided the pattern said she used 2's for her daughter who is Kurt's age so I'll probably try that... which means no starting socks on the sly (unless I use my US 0's, hmm, I could do that). And I'll order some 3's for when I make my gloves. But I still think Kurt's hands are probably bigger than a girl's his age - or at least that they will be by next year when he'll be getting the most wear out of them. We'll see. Maybe he'll get another pair made with lama and wool. ;)

Meanwhile, I don't think I ever showed the picture I took of my scarf. It's about double this length now and I just finished off the first ball of yarn. The picture was taken Valentine's week, before the craziness of the Olympics, as seen by the Star Wars Valentines strewn about the kitchen table. To a most powerful friend!

Have a great weekend, knitters! Jenna, I hope to see you Sunday!


Imbrium said...

Mmm..productivity. That would be nice.

You scarf looks wonderful!

Jenna said...

Sorry I wasn't there sunday :(
DON'T BUY 3'S!!!! I HAVE A TRILLION OF THEM!!! as long as matching colors doesn't matter, i would be more than happy to gift ya a set, unless you can't wait til the next time we see each other.