Back to school, back to socks

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

During my Chicago trip I did get some time to knit, on the plane and otherwise. I even met a lady who told me she was knitting a sock with the same yarn and even in the same color as mine. She was regretting not bringing it along for the conference. I learned that she was doing hers top down on two circulars, which seems interesting but I can't imagine you can try it on as easily as you can with the toe-up. That was the biggest plus about toe-up for me. We also talked about how to know when to stop one sock and start on the other. I thought I could weigh the yarn and when I got close to 50 grams I could bind off and start the next but she thought it had to be done by yards. I'm still uncertain of how the pair will come out but I did try the weighing, leaving myself quite a bit of leeway. The second sock is just a few inches past the toe, and I'm scrambling to finish my secret project in time for the Knitty deadline, so it may be awhile before I find out if it worked. Meanwhile though, here are a couple of terrible pictures of the sock.

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Yes, that's me with my feet up at work again but I'm on my lunch break this time so it's okay! I was hoping to knit on the sock during my lunch break but all this hurry-up to get done knitting on the other project the past few nights has really worn my wrist out. So I decided to knit blog instead... though that's about just as bad on the wrist so I'm about done here too. Time to twiddle my thumbs for 15 minutes...