Monday, September 26, 2005

My project for my Grandma's Christmas present has been found at long last. I've been searching for some sort of shawl for the past month or so and it's been slow going. Nothing I found was quite right. First, my grandma has arthritis really bad so her fingers are all twisted and she fumbles with some things, so I didn't want anything with big giant holes that might catch on things (this took out any drop-stitch projects like Clapotis); second, she's in a wheelchair now unless she's in her recliner so I didn't want anything too long because it would get bunched up behind her back or under her and be difficult to get comfy in (this takes out most triangular shawls); second, it has to cover her arms because she says that's what gets cold (this really takes out the rest of the triangular shawls, they just don't cover enough arm).

She was really no help in deciding either, wouldn't even tell me a color! She just kept saying "No, don't bother making me anything. It's too much work." Pshaw, like anything is too much work for her. But I found it! I was looking for the wrong thing the whole time. I wanted a WRAP, not a shawl (even though this one is called a shawl.) I know, I know, on with it, right? here it is. It's beautiful, it's lacy, but will be cozy and not too hot, plus it could double as a lap blanket! She's going to love it.

As for my other Grandma, I finished the first sock last night. Hope it fits... It fits me but is sort of loose, not a nice snug-fitting sock, so it should fit her slightly wider feet. I don't have a picture today but it's an ankle sock with little tiny cables running up both sides of the ankle part. I can't get over how gorgeous the colors are and how perfect my stitches look with wool. My 45% cotton socks sure didn't look this nice right off the needles (but they do now after a wash so that's good.)

That's all. I'd better get back to work. Lunch is over!