Get Bent

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Or rather I already did. Bent my beautiful newly made wood needles that is. One (both?) of my cats got ahold of one last week while the sock bag was on the coffee table and chewed up the end a little. Luckily not too bad because I can still knit with it, just with the other end, if that makes sense. The problem comes in when, instead of finding a safe place for the sock, I just put my knitting folder over the top of the bag... this results in bent needles. Is there any way to fix this? I tried rubberbanding all the needles together for 24 hours but that didn't seem to do anything. Anyway, I can still knit with them, it's just a little weird.

Conference calls blow. This is the most boring, redundant call EVER. Plus it's really freaking hot in here today. Normally it's freezing so I wore a light merino wool sweater. Ugh. I wish I could strip down to my little tank top but I just don't think spaghetti straps and belly showing would be very business casual.

So knitting. The project is done and I'll be conducting a photo shoot sometime later this week and emailing the whole shebang to Knitty by this time next week. The second sock is almost done! I just started the ribbing. Haven't touched the eyelet ribbed top in weeks and I don't even care. Can we say hurrah for my first official UFO that will be stuffed away in a closet somewhere? Maybe not, but maybe.

Also, I don't think I've talked about the new Knitty yet. Usually there's only one or two things I *think* about knitting from Knitty (and I haven't knit any of them yet actually) and this issue is no exception. Revolution is the only one I'm seriously considering but the cost of the yarn is really holding me back. I'll keep on with my current "to knit" list instead and contemplate it. I do really want to knit Sesame from Magknits though. But I have a problem with choosing the colors.

Boy this is getting long. Last note, I'm going to be redesigning my whole site as soon as I get time to either make up all the HTML or learn CSS and write that up. Doesn't seem too terribly hard. The other night I made a banner that I really like, chose a name I finally like and it's giving me hope that this site can become more of what I wanted when I thought: knitblog.

P.S. My secret pal for SP6 should be visiting soon. Psst... hi!