Thursday, January 26, 2006

I had high hopes for the cables pictures I took last night but, as you can see, they did not turn out very well. This is, believe it or not, the best of the bunch. From the bottom up I did 1) C6F in the middle every 8 rows and C6B every four rows on the sides, 2) C6F in the middle every 8 rows and C6B every alternating 8 rows on the sides, 3) A 9-stitch plait in the middle with C6B every 8 rows on the sides. I know you can't see that last one at all so you might have to imagine it. My next thought is to try the C6F in the middle and flat cables on the sides. Not sure how else to explain that. They would have the two twists and then a flat area for maybe 12 rows or something.

If you happen to know of any beautiful, super-cool cable scarf patterns (other than the Irish Hiking Scarf) please let me know. And cross your fingers that the mailman brings me something special today.


Imbrium said...

*fingers firmly crossed*

I think I like option 3 (you can see it, if you squint)...but then, I just think plaits are the neatest things. I was looking for a cable scarf pattern myself, so I'll definitely let you know if I find anything.

jenna said...

i will bring you a pattern on sunday, if you will be there!