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Thursday, January 12, 2006

This week has been so busy with so many different projects (not knitting related) I hardly know how to blog about knitting.

This weekend though I knit up a neck warmer thing for Kurt. A friend of mine told me the name for such things but I seem to have forgotten it already. There was a problem though. While it knit up nice and tight and squishy and perfect it didn't wash very well. Remember my grey Ribby Cardi? Yeah. This was done in Wool-ease as well and, when washed, grew to gigantic proportions. So I dried it, hoping it would shrink up but... it didn't. It's still much too big. I HATE HATE HATE Wool-ease now!!! With the fire of a thousand suns I hate it! The first sweater I knitted using it is great. I wear it aaaaall the time and, if anything, it's shrunk a little in the wash. The only possible difference I can think of is that I was still knitting in the combined fashion when I knitted that particular sweater.

So that little neck warmer experiment sucked.

I think I can just take out the seam and seam it much farther in, then tack down the extra seam flaps on the inside but it still makes me too angry every time I look at it.

And, since I went "out" Monday to a Pampered Chef party with a friend and had one too many glasses of wine, and have had appointments and grocery shopping and everything else, the socks have hardly been knitted on all week. Just a little ribbing while waiting in the dentist's office yesterday. I hate the dentist. I took a picture of the socks anyway.*

I also took a couple other pictures but am trying to learn the joy of saving pictures and posting more often with them instead of getting stuck at home with the digital camera at work all the time and only posting once a week. So those will come in due time. ;)

I hope your knitting is going better than mine!

*If anyone is wondering why there have been no standing "here are my knee highs on" pictures it's because I took a couple and was completely embarrassed by how skinny my legs look. I look like a stick person! I have toothpicks for legs! And I just hate the way they look.


Imbrium said...

I'm sorry you're having troubles, dear. The socks still look fabulous...have you resolved the staying-up issue, or should I just not ask?

Carrie said...

I think the socks look great!