Premature posting....

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Okay. Well. The math seems to have overtaken me after all. Since when does the top of socks need to have zero ease? Um, for knee highs to stay up, I'd think (now, after they're done I would think) the k2p2 at the top should have negative ease. Hmm. Well. But then there might be the problem of getting that negative ease over the calf muscle (hah, like it's all muscle).

They are wearable, don't get me wrong. And they look spectacular. Not to mention I love the idea of telling people when they ask about them that they're "custom made" just for my skinny little legs. Teehee.

But... it would be nice if "custom made" meant I wouldn't have to pull them up all the time like I do store bought knee highs.

Am I crazy here? Should I rip out and do more decreases before the top? And maybe lose the elastic that doesn't seem to do a damn thing?



Shauna said...

Hmmm I would suggest coninuing in your pattern manner and then at the top just adding in some elastic--knit wit hyour yarn and the elastic :) Should give it a nice, snug fit but then allow it to go over that beastly muscle!! =)